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M/s. Dunlop Oil & Marine U.K.

The Company is in the business of manufacturing Oil and Marine Hoses for transferring crude from ship to ship, SPMs, Dredge Hoses,etc.

M/s Fender Team (Germany)

The Company manufactures Fendering systems for harbors, ships, etc

M/s Bridon International Ltd., U.K.

The company is a world leader and pioneer in the use of specialty fibers and rope construction for the marine and offshore industries.

M/s. Gall Thompson Ltd. U.K.

The Company is a world leader manufacturing Marine Breakaway couplings and Camlock Couplings.

M/s. Strainstall Ltd. U. K.

The Company is a world renowned manufacturer of Load Monitoring Systems and Load Cells.

M/s. Wison Offshore & Marine (USA), Inc.

Company is manufacturing Calm Buoys for the Single Point Moorings and Floating Production Platforms.